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my app

 the basics
location:moweaqua, illinois
boyfriend/girlfriend:no..not for the summer
describe my style: ae,a&f, hollister...along those lines mostly
what are some things you like:..poms*my school dance team*...lip gloss.running..friends..starbucks.
annoys you:when people are just rude.
makes you love life:friends and family.
are your friends like:they are AWESOME.
bands: linkin park, afi, yellowcard, story of the year, three days grace.
movies: mean girls. freaky friday...cause lindsay lohan is awesome.
store: a&f or ae
lyrics: the truth is you could slit my throat and with my last gasping breath i'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt.
tv show:40 $ a day
subject in school:math and english
color: pink and black

what do you think about
premarital sex:i think its ok. as long as u are not being stupid about it and you are really confident you are ready.

drugs:i dont do them..i would never it messes up your life..but if people want 2..then thats there own choice.

the importance of college:im going...i really dont have a choice.
specific social groups/cliques: i think ther ok.. but some people just get too attached

marrying at a young age: um...i think if its really love..them you should wait till at least your 21...if its true then you'll wait.
how did you hear about x_lipgl0ss:i was searching through communities... came across it.. and it looked pretty cool so i decided to apply...

are you in any other communities? if so what are they: iconbases_, aehotties, aerofriends, bonne_bell, pretty_people_

why do you think you should be accepted to x_lipgl0ss:because i think i would be good for the a good person..and i love lip gloss... i think it would just be fun.

contest:umm i have NO idea...

my lips arent glossy anymore
where did my lipgloss go?: im using it Im in the middle! Im in the front on the right here In the front 3rd from the left.

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