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with the taste of your lips im on a ride

name- Kayla
age- sixteen
sex- female
location- nova scotia canada
sexulity- heterosexual
boyfriend/girlfriend? yup
describe your style: Trendy urban (if thats even a style lol)
describe your personality: Im laied back and a little bit shy at times
what are some things you like: MakeUp, dance, music, hoodies, lip gloss, just going out with friends and have fun
annoys you?
People who make the stupid little things into a huge deal, losing my cell, my broters
makes you love life- my friends, my boyfriend, my family
are your friends like? My friends are weird but I love them lol, I have all kinds of different friends and they all know how to have fun

bands-Dashboard Confessional, Switchfoot, Ashlee Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Kaleb Simmonds, Buck65, Kunga 219, Tachichi
movies-Love and Basketball, 10 things I hate about you, finding nemo, brown sugar
store- AE, bootlegger, bluenotes, dynamite, garage, anywhere that sells baby phat.
lyrics-"you make me wanna lala in the kitchen on the floor, ill be your french maid when I meet you at the door Im like an ally cat drink the milk up I want more, you make me wanna you make me wanna scream!" LaLa- Ashlee Simpson
television show- degrassi, pimp my ride, gilmore girls, one tree hill, summerland
food-strawberries, peaches, chinese, tacos, salads, pizza
subject in school-english and chem

premarital sex-I think if you feel your ready then its your choice because its your life, not everyone is ready when they have sex but its their life not mine and they have to make their own choices.
drugs-again, another personal choice, ive done them, why lie? but it wasn't anything spectacular and I think its a waste of money
importance of college-its not for everyone but if you want to go far in life and are willing to work hard then I definetly think its a good choice to make.
specific social groups/cliques-everyone has them and I dont see anything wrong with them, but I dont think that just because your in a certain clique you should reject the rest of the world.
marrying at a young age-i dont agree wth it but its your choice

how did you hear about

how did you hear about x__lipgl0ss similar intrest search.
other communities?-nope.

why do you think you should be accepted into x__lipgl0ss? hmm, well i like lipgloss a lot, and honestly i think that its a good community with nice people and its a cool way to meet new people. 
contest idea- I have nooooo clue
my lips aren't glossy anymore, where did my lipgloss go? i borrowed it.. then my dog ate it... im very sorry


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