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name- Kaylee
age- 16

sex- female
location- coco beach, fl
sexulity- bi
boyfriend/girlfriend? yup
describe your style: skater/ surfer
describe your personality: very outgoing 
what are some things you like: waves, surfers, the beach
annoys you?
  people who think they are all that, drama started for no reason
makes you love life- my friends, my boyfriend, the beach
are your friends like? krazy but kool
bands-death cab for cutie, sublime, temper temper, armor for sleep,and red hot chili peppers
movies-blue crush, endless summer 
television show- degrassi, one tree hill, summerland
food-strawberries, french fries, pizza
subject in school- gym and lunch

premarital sex-all for it.. as long as you feel the same about each other

drugs- not bad, not the best
importance of college- not looking forward to it, but gotta go there someday

specific social groups/cliques- it doesnt matter to me, im friends with many different people
marrying at a young age-as long as you love them
how did you hear about x__lipgl0ss similar intrest search.
other communities?  no
why do you think you should be accepted into x__lipgl0ss? it sounds awesome, and i wanna meet more people with the same interests

contest idea- icon making?

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