just put your lips together


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Make sure you read the rules before you join!


o1.all pictures must be behind an lj cut. failure to do so will result in a deleted post =(
o2.please dont apply if you are under thirteen. dont lie about your age either, thats just lame.
o3.post at least three clear pictures of your face when applying.
o4.no nude pictures! if you do break this rule, your post will be deleted and you will be banned from the community.
o5.please answer all questions when applying.
o6.if you get rejected, you may try again in one week with new pictures.
o7.if you are a new kid on the block, please write "with the taste of your lips im on a ride" in the subject line, followed with your application&lj cut in the entry.
o8.please try to post your pictures and application within two days after you have joined.
o9.you must have at least 5 "yes" votes to be accepted.
10.if you are a slutface to the mods/accepted members, you will be rejected.
11.wait until you are accepted to vote! <33

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_If you have been accepted_
o1.please bold "yes&no" when you are voting&commenting back on applications. it makes the counting of the votes much easier.
o2.you may post pictures/entries as often as you like. please put "stamped#" in the subject line of those posts so people do not rate you.
o3.promote the community and spread the word

_Accepted Stamp_

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_Help Promote_

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_Accepted Members_


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